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About us

ANEW was founded in the year 1997 in order to work with young girls and women to significantly change their lives. We realised early on that women need not just training in employable skills but also the avenues to seek employment, and thus was born ANEW’s two-pronged focus on training and placements. At ANEW, we believe that educating a woman truly goes a long way in empowering a family, and each of our girls is a standing testament to this.

The dream for ANEW was born in the enthusiasm of our founders Mr. MK Kumar and Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar, assisted every step of the way by Vatsala Ramakrishnan and Dr. Annalakshmi. What began as a dream for a small number of people soon grew to this scale thanks to the support of various wellwishers from far and wide. Chief on this list are Mr. Ravindran of Paracor Company Inc, Mr. Basil Sellers, Mr. and Mrs. William Payne, Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation and Peirce Leslie India. With their support and help, ANEW slowly grew, moved into our own building, and evolved in the services we offer to truly keep relevant to the times.

Today we offer five courses – in home nursing, basic IT, advanced IT, driving and a special summer program. Thousands of our girls are successfully placed in the job market, and hundreds of families are being supported by the skills and training received in ANEW’s classrooms.

ANEW is a reputed and award-winning NGO with its credibility consistently assured by Credibility Alliance, Give India Foundation and Guidestar India.

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2003 - 2006
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2007 onwards
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