Inspired by a New York-based organisation that sought to make women economically independent, V Ravindran sowed the seed that would grow to become ANEW. The founder of Paracor Company Inc., he was a regular donor to many charities and it was his suggestion and initial capital that became the foundation of ANEW. He was instrumental in putting together the founding team and many of ANEW's initial supporters were dear friends who shared his dream.


Basil Sellers, an Indian-born Australian philanthropist, was one of the first to offer a substantial donation to ANEW back in 1998. In the years since, he has consistently monitored our growth and has always had a word of advice to spare. ANEW is the only non-Australian non-profit to receive his support!


William and Jennifer Payne are Australians who currently live in Europe. They wished to focus their philanthropic efforts in Asia and ANEW fit the criteria they specified. Ever since, the couple have consistently supported our work.


The late V Narayanan, Founder-Trustee of Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation, is also a patron of ANEW. The Foundation helped ANEW set up its first computer lab in 2001 and again pitched in to help when ANEW move into its own premises in 2007.

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