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With both her parents unemployed and her sister unable to support the house financially, the onus lay on Prathi to help out. Having gone to school only till Class 10, she was working at a textile shop before she learnt of ANEW’s car driving course. She had always been passionate about driving, though many people had hesitated to give her a car in the past. In 2017, Prathi learnt to drive at ANEW. She soon got a job at Chennai Airport, driving the battery-operated car. Today, she works at Maruti Driving School and earns Rs. 7000 per month.


A single mother of two children, Suganthi also lives with her elderly parents. She joined ANEW’s car driving course in 2017, with a desire to upskill herself and not continue working as a housemaid. Shortly after the course, she worked as a battery car operator at CMBT Bus Stand. Today, she works at Central Metro Station driving the same vehicle. She credits her family as being a crucial link in her journey and dreams of owning her own car one day.

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