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late mR. M.K. KUMAR

Retd. Chairman, Shaw Wallace, Best & Crompton, Peirce Leslie and Philanthropist

It was MK Kumar’s vision, direction and tireless effort that laid the foundation for ANEW’s work. His dedication to the cause was responsible for translating the dream of ANEW into a reality. A hands-on leader, he even designed an autorickshaw for us, taking into account the safety of the children who would be using it and got it manufactured for our special needs! It is this spirit that lives on in our work even today.


Home Maker & Social Worker


Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar’s calm, dignified manner was instrumental in laying the strong foundation for ANEW. Her attitude towards the organisation’s initial hurdles in administration continues to be an inspiration for the present committee. In her soft-spoken, gentle way, she set ANEW on its path to success.


Vatsala initiated many projects that helped ANEW get much-needed exposure amongst the public. A dynamic and able leader, she served as President between 2003 and 2005, where she pioneered truly non-traditional courses for underprivileged women. Her spirit continues to inspire the present committee.

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