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Ms. Canie Franklin.jpg


Canie joined ANEW when her children flew the nest and she felt bereft. She started as a teacher of Spoken English, but her dedication and commitment soon saw her become a part of the ANEW team. She has contributed significantly to transforming the accounting process from manual to online. She is described as the conscience keeper, efficient and strict about expenditure. The dissenter, she speaks her mind without ruffling feathers, and is also a trouble shooter, able to handle crises with a level head.

Ms. Suchitra Menon.jpg


Suchitra has a background in housekeeping and has headed the housekeeping team in leading hotels of Chennai. With her experience, and knowing the potential for it in the hospitality industry, she oversaw the housekeeping course at ANEW. This course is run as and when ANEW identifies beneficiaries who meet the job requirement. Suchitra feels that the trainees need to showcase their varied talents and is a keen supporter of extracurricular events at ANEW.

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