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Born to a social worker and auto driver, Vinitha came to us as a student of the Basic IT course in January 2019. Over the next three months, she not only finished the course but was also trained in Digital Literacy at Sutherland. In a span of three months, she transformed from having no knowledge about computers to becoming proficient in their use. After the course, she was placed at Access Healthcare Services as an Assistant Client Partner. She hopes to work at a private bank one day and enjoys badminton, books and craft.

Shanthi - BIT - photo.jpg

When Shanthi’s marriage ended, she was a scared young woman who had only a high school education in a Tamil medium school to her name. With a three-year-old daughter to support, she worked a series of menial jobs until realising that her daughter's education depended on her savings. She found her way to ANEW after relatives suggested the Home Nursing course, but once she got to us, she realised her passion lay in Basic IT. Today, she not only supports her parents and daughter but ANEW as well!

After completing her course, Shanthi became the Office Assistant at ANEW. She rose in the organisation and today, has responsibilities that require meticulous attention to detail. Today, her voice is laced with hope and excitement for the future, and a determination to support ANEW for many years to come.

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